UKFL Image of the Day Round-Up

We’re going back in time today, catching up with our Image of the Day round-ups. And what a lot of catching up we have to do! We’re happy to report that 2015 was our BUSIEST year ever and although we love sharing work on social media, we prioritised working on film for our customers….which is why we are confident in saying that we have always delivered film early or on time as many have noticed! But on with the photographs…We have an absolutely gorgeous selection from last April and May to share with you, full of beautiful colour and light. Thank you to all of the talented photographers who have taken part in our Image of the Day feature…you can check out more of their work by following the weblinks in each name. Please enjoy and feel free to share and watch out for more to come over the next few weeks.

Paula O’Hara:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0002

Alex Bonney:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0003

Mark Henson:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0004

Joakim Hertze:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0005

Chloe Browne:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0006

Caroline Cherrill:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0007

Karol Tracz:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0008

Faye Cornhill:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0009

Melanie Nedelko:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0010

Tereza Lee:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0011

Erica Ward:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0012

Christian Ward:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0013

Alex Bonney:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0014

Karen Wright:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0015

Christian Ward:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0016

Gareth Morton:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0017

Lukasz Baszko:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0018

Mark Lim:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0019

Christian Ward:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0020

And of all the beautiful images together!

UK Film Lab Film developing_0021

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UK Film Lab Spotlight – Rikard Lindby

It’s been waaaaay too long since we published one of our Spotlight features, but we’re back and we’re here with Rikard Lindby, a Swedish photographer based in Switzerland. Rikard’s work focuses on mountain biking and the outdoors and you can always be sure of perfectly executed photographs in impressive locations! We love Rikard’s unique use of film, incorporating people into his landscapes in striking ways through the use of unusual compositions and beautiful, often dramatic light. You can follow Rikard here on Instagram and he also has a Tumblr site here.

As always we start off the feature with a Q&A and then move on to a selection of photographs. Let’s kick off with the Q&A:

Q: Why do you take photographs? What inspires you?

A: It’s really hard for me to describe why. All I can say is that I don’t feel well inside if I don’t make things. Photographs are some of the things I need to make. That sounded pretentious. I should say – I take photographs because it makes me happier than if I don’t.Sometimes I get ‘directly’ inspired by what I see. Like a mountain and a lake- something pretty which will also look nice as a photograph. Other times I simply wonder how something might look as a photograph. This might be something not obviously beautiful, but which has something else, like a pattern or surface. Currently I’m very interested in how things look when they are only partly revealed or when there is something not quite right with the composition. So I’m experimenting with that and mostly end up with a pile of crap. Haha. But I do like the outdoors and doing sports, so a lot of my photography end up being about that.Real life friends who shoot inspire me as well. Oskar Enander, Stefan Hellberg and Johan Axelsson are such people. I just wish we got to do more stuff together. Maybe this coming winter will see that happen! I also follow the work of a few contemporary photographers. I find people who work on and finish different personal projects inspiring; Thomas Prior and Cole Barash are two solid artists worth checking out. Lastly I can’t help being inspired by some of the giants of photography. Like Sebastio Salgado and W. Eugene Smith. Maybe not for any specific images, but for their pure raw dedication and for producing some of the most monumental work which will ever see the light of day.

Q: Tell us a little about why you shoot film.

A: There are so many aspects of shooting film that I enjoy; I love that I get a tangible result, a negative which I can hold up against the light and look at and not just a file on a computer but something real that exists in the physical world. I love that I don’t get to see the images immediately; I like that there is a delay between capturing and viewing the result and it somehow allows me to look at the images for what they are, more free from the expectations I had when I pressed the shutter. A lot of ‘mistakes’ which I probably would have deleted or ignored had I seen the result right away end up being the real keepers. Results that do not match the original vision exactly are not ignored,  instead they help me find new ways in composing and seeing things. Finally I love the look of medium format colour film and grainy 35mm black and white. It’s just perfect right from the box.

Q: Why do you use UK Film Lab?

A: I have tried a few different labs, but UK Film Lab delivers the best result consistently and on time. Also the feedback and communication are excellent.

Q: Do you have any tips for your fellow film photographers?

A: Just one, not specifically for film shooters though: Photograph your friends and family members. These images will probably be the most important ones you will ever make. Take every chance you get and put your heart into it. There will always be another sunset, but you never know for how long the people you love will be around.

01 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer02 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer04 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer05 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer06 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer07 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer08 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer09 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer11 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer13 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer14 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer15 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer16 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer17 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer18 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer19 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer20 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer21 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer22 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer23 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer25 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer26 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer27 - Rikard Lindby UK Film Lab Spotlight Photographer

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UK Film Lab at the Illuminated workshop in Spain, September 2015

We’re so excited to announce our involvement in the next Illuminated Collective event, a 2 day fine art film wedding photography workshop to be held in Spain on 14th & 15th September 2015. The event is the creation of leading UK fine art photographers Ashlee Taylor of Taylor Barnes Photography and Katie Julia, together with award winning wedding planner Jessie Thomson and luxury floral designer Bo Boutique. The second workshop from the Illuminated Collective will be bringing even more ethereal, organic and inspiring styling, whilst also offering expert guidance on shooting film photography.

Christian and Erica from UK Film Lab will be taking part to share a wealth of helpful, practical information on film shooting techniques and how to work with your lab to help you get the very best from your film shooting.

We can’t wait – it’s going to be a wonderful, inspiring event! For more details please visit

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UKFL Image of the Day – February & March Round-Up

The time is positively flying by in a haze of wonderful film photographs! This collection showcases all of the UKFL Image of the Day featured images from the past couple of months…As always we’ve selected images that demonstrate the amazing versatility of film, and we show you the photographs as they were delivered to the client. Our job is always interesting because our clients take film in so many different directions, with a variety of subject matter, colours, tones and moods. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Every day we have the pleasure of working on hundreds more images that bring a smile to our faces. Thank you once again to all of our clients, and our heartfelt gratitude to those who have kindly allowed us to showcase their work.


UK Film Lab_0001


UK Film Lab_0002


UK Film Lab_0003


UK Film Lab_0004


UK Film Lab_0005


UK Film Lab_0006


UK Film Lab_0007


UK Film Lab_0008


UK Film Lab_0009


UK Film Lab_0010


UK Film Lab_0011


UK Film Lab_0012


UK Film Lab_0013


UK Film Lab_0014


UK Film Lab_0015


UK Film Lab_0016


UK Film Lab_0017


UK Film Lab_0018


UK Film Lab_0019


UK Film Lab_0020


UK Film Lab_0021


UK Film Lab_0022


UK Film Lab_0023


UK Film Lab_0024


UK Film Lab_0025


UK Film Lab_0026


UK Film Lab_0027


UK Film Lab_0028


UK Film Lab_0029


UK Film Lab_0030


UK Film Lab_0031


UK Film Lab_0032


UK Film Lab_0033


UK Film Lab_0034


UK Film Lab_0035


UK Film Lab_0036

And our favourite bit! Together in all their glory…:-)

UK Film Lab_0038

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UK Film Lab Spotlight – Molly Matcham

Molly Matcham was one of our original UK Film Lab Beta Testers. This means that she has been with us since the very start of our film lab journey, and she has been a constant source of support and inspiration since those early days. It’s difficult to put into words how much support from Molly – and our other, loyal, long-term clients – means to us, but suffice to say we are incredibly proud and grateful.

Choosing images for this spotlight feature was incredibly difficult as Molly creates so many beautiful images every time she shoots. Her work is diverse in subject matter but united by her wonderful use of light, bright yet subtle colours, and overall from the genuine warmth that her images exude. We always feel that this comes from her warm spirit as a person. Her work always feels like it comes from the heart, and makes us want to be in the photograph, breathing in the fresh air.

But that’s enough from us, here is what Molly has to say about her photography. Following the Q & A are some of our favourite images, and you can find more at Molly’s website here and blog here.

Why do you take photographs? 

When you are in the present you don’t always think about it becoming an era. The still image is like a smell or a song, it has the power to take you back to a time that’s passed and you instantly remember those feelings. I love having the opportunity to record events through my eyes. I look for the beauty in the world, which is also a philosophy I like to live my life by.

I have the chance to document the special times in people’s lives, and the ordinary ones. That is such a privilege that I never tire of or fail to be inspired by.

You seem to draw a lot of your inspiration from family…could you tell us a little about that?

I am very lucky to have two (usually) willing subjects in my daughters. I love photographing children and being able to practice on my own has definitely helped when photographing others. They allow me the chance to be creative and try my ideas out on them. It is also important for me to try and tell their individual stories and their relationship with each other. That inspired me to start a project to photograph them in the same place every month. It has been a great experience as I’ve captured their physical and personal growth, the changing environment around them and my own personal development as a photographer. I just hope they will keep letting me try out daft projects on them for a while yet!

What else inspires you to create images?

I want to tell stories mostly. I want to record where people are in their lives at that moment. Time goes by and nothing stays the same, I want to be able to tell a bit of their history. I am particularly inspired to tell the stories of people close to where I live. I believe that they are part of what makes the area I live in special to me. I am always thinking of who I’d like to photograph next. It’s an ongoing project that I think will last for years to come. I get to meet and talk to people I may not have done otherwise, it makes me feel more connected to where I live.

Why do you shoot film?

I love the way film makes me shoot, taking more time to get the right photo before I press the shutter, focusing on the person in front of the camera as apposed to a screen on the camera. I find it easier; once I have taken my meter reading I can focus on taking photos not technology. All the different films and cameras and lenses you can use, so much variety! Only seconds spent on editing if at all (that’s only when you use a great lab like UK Film Lab though)! The thing that draws me the most obviously is the look; the colours, the depth, the way film reacts to the light, that’s pretty special.

Why do you use UK Film Lab?

I was so thrilled when Christian and Erica started UK Film Lab. They are wonderful photographers themselves so you can trust in what they’re doing.

In Christian and Erica I know my film is in the best hands. They are brilliant to communicate with and they always take the time to make sure the scans are as good as they can be. Their advice is personal to you and they treat you as an individual. They are a big part of the end result and I am so grateful to them both.

Do you have any tips for your fellow film photographers?

It’s a cliché, but simply don’t be too hard on yourself – you learn from your mistakes. I have spent too much time focusing on what I did wrong as a bad thing but I try to look at them as learning. Every shoot is a chance to try new things and if I make a mistake I can still learn something new. Essential kit – light meters – can’t live with out mine! And of course use UK Film Lab!

Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0001Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0002Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0003Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0004Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0005Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0006Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0007Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0008Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0009Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0010

Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0018

Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0011Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0012Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0013Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0014

Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0017

Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0015Molly Matcham UK Film Lab_0016

Most of these beautiful images were shot on Contax 645, Portra 400 and 800, with some on Fuji 400H. All images developed/scanned/edited at UK Film Lab.

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Molly matcham - Thank you so much for this feature. I really appreciate the wonderful work you do on my film and feel so grateful I have you to send it too!March 25, 2015 – 12:39 pm